Žiroskop / Connexion Publication

Open Magazine Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Visually simplifying

My friends at Drugo More ( an ngo that is handling cultural and artistic productions, promotions, research, and educations while balancing between culture and activism ) asked me to design the layout and illustrations for their new publication. Publication "Priključak" (eng. connexion) is created as an appendix of a project "Žiroskop", which focuses on establishing the common management of Rijeka city's cultural spaces, which would include all the cultural and city administration actors and raise the level of participation of the citizens.

As the booklet's role within this project is to explain the project's agendas and arrangement, I have designed index elements that function on symbolical basis, and coded the chapters with symbols and color. Illustrations and graphic elements have the purpose of simplyfing the processes behind the Žiroskop project.